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Vivian has appeared on U.K. radio and television, (in French) on Radio Cairo and Radio Loire, and (in Italian) on RA3, discussing aspects of the history of medicine from Antiquity to the present day.

For television, he has presented with BBC2 a programme on the history of surgery, with Channel 4 programmes on the history of anatomy and on royal diseases, and with BBC Wales on ancient medicine, and in 1999 organised a series of five TV programmes on the history of medicine for BBC Schools. He has also acted as advisor to a variety of BBC programmes on ancient, medieval and renaissance medicine.

Vivian contributed to 500 Years of Vesalius project, including this 2013 interview.

A few of his radio appearances can be found online, including:

In Our Time:  Galen (2013)
In Our Time: The Hippocratic Oath(2011)
In Our Time: The Nervous System (2011)
In Our Time: The Brain (2008)
In Our Time: The Four Humours (2007)